Mr Geoffrey T. Roscoe

Geoffrey Thomas Roscoe (1900 - ?). Geoffrey Thomas Roscoe was born in Brisbane in 1900, studying at the College of Preceptors in London, gaining his Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts before turning to work at the Queensland Department of Education in 1915. Roscoe briefly worked in the Volunteer Defence Corps during the Second World War before his appointment in 1947 as the Chief Inspector of Schools in Papua New Guinea. It was during this time that he ventured aboard the Tami in 1954 in order to undertake a tour of inspection of schools in Papua New Guinea. Roscoe was appointed Director of Education in 1958. Among his many policies were to establish teacher examinations and regulate them more thoroughly, professionalise mission schools to be on par with administration institutions and to strengthen and expand the primary education sector through the enlistment of more Australian teachers (O'Donoghue 1996). Roscoe retired from his position in 1962, taking a brief hiatus before returning to work first as a teacher before retraining in library science. 145 of Roscoe’s photographs are featured in the UQAM online catalogue, with many of them taken during his time as Director of Education in Papua New Guinea as well as from a holiday to the Eastern Isles in 1950 (Roscoe 1954, p 9). Furthermore, the museum holds eight photographs taken of New Britain from 1947 to 1949 (Bolton 1980, p 255), as well as a large map, book, bow, arrow and watercolour paintings, among other artefacts. References: Bolton, L.M. Oceanic Cultural Property in Australia. Australian National Commission for UNESCO: Canberra, 1980. Elkin, A. P. "G. T. Roscoe: ‘Our Neighbours in New Guinea’ (Book Review)". Oceania 31 (2) 1960: 159. O'Donoghue, Tom. “Community Teacher Education in Papua New Guinea”. 1996. [Online] accessed 20/04/2015 <> . Roscoe, G. T. “Chapter One: Sailing Orders”. The Joyous Voyage of the Tami, Volume One. Held in the Fryer Library, Brisbane. Book. F1543 v.1 fys2. Written by India Anderson, 2015.

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