Mr Des Bartlett

Norman Desmond Bartlett (b. 1927 d. 2009) was one of the world's leading wildlife film-makers and photographers together with his wife Jen. In 1953 Bartlett was in the Middle Sepik of Papua New Guinea to make the 16mm colour film 'Among the Headhunters' for an American film company. While there, he travelled from Madang to Aibom village with a trader. At Aibom on the Sepik River Bartlett heard about an initiation ceremony, which was to be held at Yentchan village on the main river. He bought a sixty-two foot dugout canoe and hired ten paddlers and arrived to find the ceremony in progress with over a thousand dancers involved. He believed it was the first ceremony to be held after the war. Bartlett spent the next four months on the Sepik River filming [Judith Bartlett, 1983]. During this time he obtained many artefacts, many of which were later purchased by the Anthropology Museum in 1954.

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