Mr William Effey

William Effey (1871 – 1950) born in Melbourne was the managing director of Rowes Pty Ltd and owner of the popular Rowes Café in Brisbane. In 1913 Effey with F. C. Kauffman acquired 700 acres of land in Hivo on the south east coast of Santa Isabel in the Solomon Islands, on which to establish a copra plantation under Hivo Plantations Ltd. Effey was also a shareholder in C. R. Bignell’s plantation Fulakora Plantations Ltd. Both plantations ceased to operate between 1936 (Golden, p. 312) and 1942 (Bennett, p. 324). Although Effey did not live in the Solomons his collection of over 90 objects, which were donated to the UQ Anthropology Museum after Effey’s death in 1950 by his business partner, indicate that he had visited the Solomons or at least had a network of contacts that were able to collect on his behalf. Almost three quarters of the collection is comprised of bodywear items, such as belts, nose ornaments and combs; and equipment, including fishing hooks and axes. Other items include model canoes and paddles, figureheads and shell currency.

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