Lihir Cultural Heritage Association (LCHA)

The Lihir Cultural Heritage Association (LCHA) grew from an interest from Lihirians in “maintaining strong and vital customary practices” and recognising a need for “attention to cultural heritage management issues” (Lihir Cultural Heritage Plan 2009). In 2009 the Association members, then known as the Lihir Cultural Heritage Committee, developed a cultural heritage management plan with support from Stepwise Heritage and Tourism Pty Ltd, the Australian National University and the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at The University of Queensland. This plan includes a statement about Lihir cultural heritage and its connection to the Ailaya, Lihir’s most prominent sacred site: ‘Our vision for the future is, for our cultural heritage must be here, now and in the future. We must strengthen and ensure the future of our cultural heritage. Our cultural heritage stands on top of the men’s house, the clan, our custom law and language. The origin and the base for all Lihirian culture is the Ailaya. We are born, we live and die within the story of the Ailaya.’

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