Nathaniel Sasbiah and Barth Saien

Lihir artists (New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea). Nathaniel Sasbiah is from Kosmaiun village, Lihir Island in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea. He is one of Lihir’s master carvers of the slit drum or galamit (in Lihir language, ‘garamut’ in Tok Pisin). Nathaniel is the leader of the Katronmolam clan and son of Daniel Akris of the Masi clan, and was born in 1945. Barth Saien is from Masahet Island and is an expert designer and painter of traditional items (for example biar, kangal and laes) for use during traditional dances. He is also a lead dancer for various traditional dances performed at feasting and other celebrations on Lihir and on mainland New Ireland.

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