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Indigenous name
Kit, Longlegs and others  
Associated cultural group
Yangman and Djauaun groups 
Australia > Australia > Northern Territory > Roper - McArthur region > Beswick Creek
Professor A. P. Elkin 
Acquisition date
January 01, 1950 
Acquisition method
by Professor A. P. Elkin 
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Black record 41cm diameter, 33 1/3 RPM, in paper sleeve, entitled: Sydney University Expedition 1949. Chants and Rituals. Recorded by Professor Elkin. Part 6A and Part 6B. AIATSIS transcription: 6A - [Continuation of Waranggan corroboree.] This was performed on 2 successive days - the program being similar on both. The painting of the men and boys took place in a specially made bough shade to the accompaniment of songs and boomerang tapping as recorded here. This occupied nearly 5 hours a day. The dancing began each day with the entry onto the dance ground of some women who had been painted some 100 yeards away. This ground was near the men's shade. The singers and onlookers gathered at the side. The women entered in a ritual manner and danced because the represented the mythical Munga-Munga women who were very successful in love affairs.

Research notes

Copies of this LP ca be found at 25812 (reel-to-reel and AIATISIS cassette).

Altogether have series of part 1A/B to 12A, Nos. 8123 - 8134. Manufactured by Australian Record Company (ARC), Copyright reserved. Reel-to-reel tapes 25810 to 25815 are copies of the Elkin LPs in our collection - 8123 to 8134. July 99 - audio cassette copies from the AIATSIS also on shelves. Locality originally recorded as Arnhem Land, Tandandjal

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