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Ted Watson  
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Ms Annabelle Stewart-Zerba  
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October 01, 1996 
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Donated by Ms Annabelle Stewart-Zerba  
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Colour poster, 767 x 505mm, 'Link-Up'. Dominated by a painting with a series of alternating brown and reddish brown circles. The innermost, smallest circle features stylised human figures, and from this radiates four flares going to each of the four corners of the painting. Inside these flares are more stylised human figures. The interpretation is given: 'The artist TED WATSON describes the Symbols and Spirituality represented in the painting, as the Concentric bands of Brown and Red Brown represent both the generations of our people and the people Link-Up deal with. The Red Brown is the 'disruption' that has occured in their lives. The dots in bands are the 'chains of life' which says that all life is linked, both generations and all living things of this earth. The Figures are in spirit form of both Man and Woman, the ones in the centre are Linked with represents the people or souls Link-Up has successfully reunited. The figures immediately surrounding these are the Link-up staff and their supporters and contacts in other departments and in the community. The yellow ochre bands leading out to the edges is the path back over the Generations and Lives that Link-Up people have taken to bring people together. That is why they are journeying in both directions. The Aboriginal World is divided in two; it is referred as the 'Dua' system in some circles so if you look throughout the painting, I stayed with this concept, being Murrie and proud of it too.'

Research notes

There are two of these posters at 40210 and 40211. There is also a Link-Up brochure, also featuring this painting, at 40030.

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