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Leigh Harris  
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Acquisition date
July 30, 1996 
Acquisition method
Donated by University of Queensland, ATSI Studies Unit 
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Colour poster, 840 x 530mm, '1993 International Year for the World's Indigenous People'. The poster is dominated by a painting with a central snake coiled around a clutch of 5 white eggs decorated with black bands and which are themselves surrounded by concentric circles of black, red and yellow dots. The upper right hand corner features a Torres Strait Island headdress with five-pointed star (as per the flag), fish, turtle and stingray. An explanation of the picture, by the artist Leigh Harris, appears on the back of the poster along with a diagram: 'The centre piece of the artwork is the coming together of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to a meeting. This meeting is where a new birth takes place, a new beginning in the understanding of indigenous people and our culture. The snake is the protector and provider, he also creates harmony between all of the different tribes and brings them together as one people - a new partnership'. Additionally, on the accompanying diagram the concentric circles composed of dots are identified as meeting places, with 'U' shaped motifs around these circles representing people.

Research notes

Part of a series of posters donated by the Studies Unit for Display No. 37, 'Did You know...', a number of which were laminated prior to hanging. There are five of these posters, at 40173, 40174, 40175, 40176 and 40208.

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