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Heather Shearer  
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Acquisition date
July 30, 1996 
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Donated by University of Queensland, ATSI Studies Unit 
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Laminated colour poster, 630 x 425mm, 'Maintain the Dreaming.' 'Community is Unity. National Aborigines' and Islanders' Week, July 5 - 12, 1992'. Domainted by a painting with background foliage and a series of handprints beside a central circle motif made out of white dots and surrounded by 'U' shapes, which leads to a white and brown witchetty grub in an enclosure below. Below this, also in an enclosure, is a gathering of 16 honey ants with swollen abdomens. At the bottom is a series of seven concentric circles joined consecutively by lines, all made out of dots. Below the painting is the caption: 'Maintain the Dreaming - Our culture is our heritage', and the following interpretation by Heather Shearer: These are my Dreaming stories from my mother's and father's country - Arrente Dreaming tacks. I live at Atitjere Homelands, which is Harts Range on the white fella's map. Dreamings represented are the snake, yalka (bush oniion), tjaipa (witchetty grub), honey and and the seven sisters. Alangwa is shown as a vital food supply which is constant and a strength to and for the people. The hands symbolise the passing down of our Dreaming stories for future generations.

Research notes

Part of a series of posters donated by the Studies Unit for Display No. 37, 'Did You know...', a number of which were laminated prior to hanging. This poster has been laminated back-to-back with 40138. There are four of these posters, at 40137, 40188, 40189 and 40190.

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