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Australia > Australia > Northern Territory > Darwin-Daly region > Darwin
Mr David Carline 
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March 14, 1995 
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Donated by Mr David Carline 
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685mmx510mm, colour. Unititled. Annotated : "AN AIDS/STD EDUCATION STORY BY GEOFFREY BARNES". Series of individually bordered paintings on red / yellow / black striped background. Central image: happy family group living in the bush. Clockwise from upper left hand corner: Aboriginal woman with bush tucker and roasting lizards; Aboriginal man teaching in a classroom; Aboriginal children smoking and drinking; Aboriginal man outside a pub with an inset of a group in the bush; A couple inside a pub; An Aboriginal woman behind an Aboriginal man with a packet of condoms in his breast pocket and thinking of boomerand throwing with friends; Two grieving Aboriginal men next to a painting of a cemetery; An Aboriginal man behind bars, thinking of his home, family and country; A health clinic; An Aboriginal man in a bathroom thinking that it hurts to pass urine; An Aboriginal woman behind an Aboriginal man wondering 'Who needs condoms?'; An Aboriginal man working at a computer in an office; An Aboriginal man at a construction site; A group of Aboriginal people playing cards next to their home.

Research notes

A 'story board' with which health workers can illustrate AIDS/STD health issues to Aboriginal people. Collected by David Carline from Institute of Aboriginal Development at Alice Springs - a number of posters were given by the resource officer at the time.

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