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Item name
Indigenous name
Heather Shearer (artist), Secretariat of the National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC)  
Associated cultural group
Aranda tribe (artist) 
Australia > Australia > Victoria > South coast and riverine region > Fitzroy, Melbourne
Mr David Carline 
Acquisition date
March 14, 1995 
Acquisition method
Donated by Mr David Carline 
Raw material
H: 297 mm W: 210 mm L: D: Circum:


Brochure with two folds, colour, entitled "our children are our future" "their future our responsibility". Front cover has Aboriginal painting explained as: "The top part of this painting shows nine traditional Aboriginal families consisting of mother, father and four children. In some of the families you can see where the children have been taken away from the sanction of their families. The bottom half of the painting of eighteen boxes shows how the children removed from their families have become isolated from everything that protected them and nurtures them, and are forced to live a life of isolation as they are slotted into the mainstream (white institution of education and learning). This foreign, alien system is killing our people and destroying our inherent right to raise our own. Our children are our future and we have to gain control of our lives again for the future of our people, our land and our culture."

Research notes

Produced by the Secretariat of the National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) - the national umbrella organisation of Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Agencies. Topics include "THEIR FUTURE, OUR RESPONSIBILITY OR WHY WE WANT FEDERAL LEGISLATION TO SAFEGUARD THE RIGHTS OF OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES", 'SNAICC Statement of Purposes". Collected by David Carline at the International Education Conference for the World's Indigenous People, Wooloongong, 1992.

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