B & W photograph

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Item name
B & W photograph 
Indigenous name
Associated cultural group
Australia > Australia > Queensland > South east Queensland > Kilcoy
Dr L. P. Winterbotham 
Acquisition date
January 01, 1950 
Acquisition method
Purchased from Dr L. P. Winterbotham 
H: W: 145 mm L: 385 mm D: Circum:


Black and white photograph of a man holding a narrow shield in his left hand standing in a bush setting. The photograph is mounted on a board approximately 155 x 390mm.

Research notes

The three figures on this frame [32483, 32484, 32485] are all of the Head man of the Dungidau tribe. He is known as the Munigburum. It will be noticed that in each figure there is a possum skin band round the neck to which is attached a duling or oval cut from a nautilus shell. There is also a possum skin band around the forehead. These two articles are the chief mark of distinction worn by the Munigburum. The colouring in each figure will be seen to be quite varied and whether this is to suit any special occasion of meeting I do not know, but he is dressed up to receive visitors. Muningburrum. Painted ready to welcome visitors. Dungidau Moiety of Jinnibora tribe (written on painting) [catalogue card note].

Part of a series of photographs, numbered 32482 to 32509, of the same Aboriginal man (supplied by UQ Photography Dept), some of which were hand coloured by UQ artist to indicate body decoration, presumably based on information / pastel drawings by Dr Winterbotham's Waka Waka informant, Willie MacKenzie (Gaiarbau). A notation on the back of 32483 [7571] indicates that the man featured is Willie Barney. A number were originally mounted in sets of three (former registration numbers 7566 to 7572].

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