B & W photograph

Registration number
Item name
B & W photograph 
Indigenous name
Mr Charles Kerry  
Associated cultural group
Australia > Australia > New South Wales > Sydney
Acquisition date
January 01, 1950 
Acquisition method
by Tyrrell's Museum 
H: 120 mm W: 95 mm L: D: Circum:


A black and white photograph (mid shot) of a man seated and looking forward; cicatrices visible on his torso and upper arms; he wears a headdress of animal fur and feathers, armbands on both upper arms and white paint; studio inscription at lower edge: 825. Karundi Warrior. Kerry Photo Sydney.

Research notes

A studio photo of "Yungkwa" one of the 27 men and women of Archibald Meston's "Wild Australia" troupe, which traveled to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne 1892-1893. Kerry Studio photograph no. 825; taken December 1892. Also see photos 32112 and 32114.

A similar photo (33523) from the same studio sitting was included in the UQ Anthropology Museum exhibition "Wild Australia: Meston's Wild Australia Show, 1892-1893" curated by Michael Aird and Mandana Mapar, curatorial research Paul Memmott, 20 February - 10 July, 2015.

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