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Item name
Indigenous name
Mr Ron Hurley  
Associated cultural group
Koreng Goreng, Darumbal 
Australia > Australia > Queensland > Eastern region > Rockhampton
Mr Ron Hurley 
Acquisition date
August 01, 1988 
Acquisition method
Purchased from Mr Ron Hurley 
Raw material
H: 570 mm W: 380 mm L: D: Circum:


Unframed black and white print, entitled: Darumbal Totem. Also bears writing: 33/99, R Hurley '88.

Research notes

WATERLILY - DARAMBAL TOTEM: This story comes from the darumbal tribe. They are located around the Rockhampton area in coastal central Queensland. When the water-lily first appears above the water they are a mass of colour. They appear in a variety of colours ranging from warm reds, to white. They are highly perfumed. the Darumbal, as part of a ceremony, collect the roots and cook them in ant bed ovens, where they are left uneaten, to be washed away by flood waters. The flood carries the old roots out to sea, the strong young roots stay in the ground near the camp, while the seeds are carried into creeks and lagoons. This ensures a plentiful supply of food for the next season. Each part of the lily is regarded as a member of a family: the flower and seed pod is the father, the main root the mother, the young roots the children, the short stalk that bears the bud the eldest son, the little roots surrounding the mother are unborn children and the bullrushes are the old women guarding the family. The picture depicts the lily in the ant bed oven in th centre. All background patterns are water, or creeks. The mother is on the left, the father on the right, the old woman with bullrushes on the bottom left, the seeds are represented around the lily in the centre.

This one-colour print is part of a limited edition of 99 screen prints, each individually signed and numbered [33/99] by the artist.

© Ron Hurley/Copyright Agency, 2020.

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