Food container

Registration number
Item name
Food container 
Indigenous name
Associated cultural group
Pacific > Papua New Guinea > Milne Bay Province > Kiriwina Goodenough District > Trobriand Islands
Mr Michael James Healy 
Acquisition date
March 28, 1978 
Acquisition method
On loan from Mr W. C. and Mrs J. A. Moloney  
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Large wooden bowl painted white.

Research notes

March 1978 interview with MJ Healy's daughter, Mrs Jennifer M[o]loney: Large wooden bowl 22970 given to Mr M Healy by a very famous old lady, Miolumly, who had a franchise on pearls and nobody took pearls out and she took a liking to dad. This bowl was painted white by her and used it as a tub for babies, the Chief's children. It really is an old piece and was cut out of a certain tree which only the Chief could touch. I don't know what wood it is. There were not many trees in our time. It was rather like an atoll. The trees were all cut out. In my time there was only a very small government station there and a very small Catholic Mission station. That's all there was and old Miolumly with her pearl trade and very famous pearlers came from there. This piece came from Miolumly but it was previously the Chief's/ Which Chief I don't know but it was from way - back. Miolumly was from the centre. [More information in Source file].

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