Solomon Islands

A sub-collection comprising images and descriptions of 545 items from the Solomon Islands held at the UQ Anthropology Museum. A wide range of carved, woven and incised items primarily made from plant material, including wood, coconut fibre and orchid vine; shell, including clam and turtle shell; as well as teeth and feathers. Originating from across all Solomon Island provinces, in particular Malaita and Temotu Provinces, the items were collected by many, including Queensland government agent Captain Sydney Mercer-Smith in the late 19th century; Brisbane businessman William Effey and Tasmanian photographer J. W. Beattie in the early 20th century; and Jean and Russell Herbert in the 1970s and 1980s.
Beating, Chopping/Cutting, Comfort, Dance/Performance, Fighting, Fire/Lighting, Fishing, Grinding, Hunting, Magic/Ritual, Manufacture, Shield, Throwing, Transport, Tying, Weaving, Bodywear, Cloth/Textile, Container, Currency/Trade, Drug/Medicine, Media, Model/Game, Painting/Paper, Photograph, Raw Material, Sculpture/Carving, Sound
Pacific, Asia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia unspecified, Australia, Western Province, Temotu (Eastern Islands) Province, Rennell and Bellona Province, Queensland, Malaita Province, Makira-Ulawa Province, Isabel Province, Gulf Province, Guadalcanal Province, Choiseul Province, Central Province, Ulawa Island, Tikopia Island, South Malaita Island, Savo Island, Santa Isabel Island, Santa Cruz Islands, Rennell Island, Reef Islands, Owahara (Santa Ana) Island, Ontong Java Atoll, Nggela (Florida) Islands, New Georgia Islands, Murray Darling basin region, Malaita Island, Makira (San Cristobal) Island, Guadalcanal Island, Bellona Island, Vella Lavella Island, Vangunu Island, Uru Island, Tulagi, Nggela Sule Island , Toa'baita, Siota, Nggela Pile Island, Simbo Island, Sandfly Passage, Saa Village, Sa'a, Port Adam, Patutiva village, Vangunu Island, Nggatokae Island, Mbiche village, Nangram Lagoon, Maravovo village, Maramasike Passage, Langalanga, Kwaio, Kirakira, Honiara, Halavo, Graciosa Bay, Nendo Island, Fiu, Ferasiboa, Bunana Island, Bugotu Mission Station, Ataa Cove

545 items in sub-collection

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