Queensland Aboriginal Creations: Agency and Legacy

This subcollection presents works included in the exhibition Queensland Aboriginal Creations: Agency and Legacy, launched at the UQ Anthropology Museum in March 2020. Alongside these works from the Museum's collection, objects from the Queensland Museum and private collections were also loaned. A diversity of object types including boomerangs, pottery, artefacts, weavings, shell necklaces, carvings, prints and bark paintings illustrated the fascinating story of Queensland Aboriginal Creations (QAC). As the marketing arm of the Department of Native Affairs, QAC influenced the production, promotion and reception of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and craft in Queensland from 1959 until its closing in 2003.
Beating, Fighting, Fishing, Hunting, Shield, Throwing, Bodywear, Container, Drug/Medicine, Painting/Paper, Sculpture/Carving, Sound
Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, West Arnhem region, Torres Strait Islands, South east Queensland, Gulf region, Cape York region, Oenpelli, Mornington Island, Moa Island, Mitchell River, Hope vale Mission, Gold Coast area, Brisbane, Bamaga, Aurukun

45 items in sub-collection

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